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Do you remember your first love? No, earlier than that. Before you were ever born, you knew bliss. You were perfect and perfectly loved. Your perfect vision, compliments of EYE M Higher Power, created joy wherever you looked. In a weak moment, you chose to separate from this love, following the sparkling temptations of a false promise. You became earthbound. This life began.

Relax On Impact™ brings the reader through a difficult journey many of us share. Well-meaning, imperfect parents offer imperfect love. Addictions, power struggles and emotional unavailability build walls meant to protect the child. Over time, adult, intellectual walls also add on, further blocking clear vision, or "into-me-see." Each generation seems doomed to teach past mistakes. Marriages built between disempowered individuals who seek their ‘other half’ create repeated divorces and added pain instead of increased intimacy, love and spiritual clarity.

Expressed in parable form, "Perfect Cloud" leaves her Perfect Home. She transforms into "Cloud," with earthly Mother and Father substituting for EYE M Perfect Love. Her name continues to change in response to her thoughts, her feelings and her physical appearance. She eventually becomes the powerful "HerACane." Her descent into the tornadic winds of addiction and dysfunction, however, leads to "Power Fall."

The obliteration she has always feared seems to be imminent. However, that final FALL leads to a new life. It reveals a brand, new name. The ultimate power source for freedom of expression and freedom of choice is hers at last.

Relax On Impact™ entertains, educates and inspires. It guides and supports Twelve Step recovery and relationship communication. 'Inner children' and teachable adults will discover the solid connection between body, mind and spirit. They will uncover the false idols- ‘Impostars’ in life. They will at last open their inner Eye and Ear to clear vision, truth, power, and dimensional sound from an unlikely source: EYE M’s still, small voice. That voice will allow free flowing purpose and passion for a lifetime.

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