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The ROI Program

The ROI Program intertwines nonfiction psychology and relationship/ addictions recovery education- all within a fictional parable. A video producer helped me bring the story to life! While I narrate, the characters are animated and entertaining. The original soundtrack was created by my husband, Andy Costantini, and supports it all. Curriculums and Individual/Group Plans provide structure for Detox, Residential Treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment, Families and Friends of Addicts, Practitioners and Colleges. The ROI Program also includes written and audio skills, license for use and a video for teaching these skills. Individual, Couples, Families and Generational change can follow! It teaches, guides and supports Twelve Step recovery and relationship communication. Inner children and teachable adults will discover the solid connection between body, mind and spirit. They will uncover the ‘Impostars’ in life, opening up to clear vision and hearing that will generate free flowing purpose and passion for a lifetime. The ROI Program is available for individual counselors and for treatment centers and will be the perfect treatment tool for your Intensive Outpatient Program. For more information, please contact Jill Haire at 407-340-6074 or jillhaire.com.